“Café La Plage Exclusive is perfection personified.

We invite you to experience the ultimate in fine-dining in South Africa.

Catering to the distinctive needs of our Exclusive VIP Members, we’re now open to the general public.”

Café La Plage Cuisine

Café La Plage’s premium and recently updated menu caters for the well-travelled patron with a distinguished palette, a selection of mouth-watering flavors from around the world, designed & styled by the maestro, Chef Raw – a master in the culinary and hospitality industry. 

Bar Menu

Straight up or on the rocks?Take cocktail hour to the next level with Café La Plage’s designer bar & cocktail menu.
Get into the spirit of things and celebrate in style as you perform the “Art Of Sa’brage” overlooking the ocean, with the very finest French champagne on offer.

Events and styling

Award-winning event stylist Marge B, famous for her “Top Billing” style events, is the leading authority when it comes to event styling, management and execution.  Her reputation precedes her, with a flawless record of the finest events throughout South Africa.



The prestigious “OPERA” Glass House is a state of the art, free-standing piece of Italian architecture overlooking the paradisal Tanqueray Gin Garden. This grand gazebo was flown in earlier in 2020 especially for Café La Plage, and is a statement piece that is certainly note-worthy of it’s name. 

With a specialized heating system to cater for the Durban Winters, the “OPERA” house makes for a perfect event venue for grand yet intimate events, all year round.

The Perfect Serve by Glenfiddich

The Perfect Serve by Glenfiddich Taste 100 years of pure golden brilliance!The Glenfiddich Century Bar is the ONLY stand-alone room in the Southern hemisphere and is featured right here at their key outlet, Café La Plage.

The Glenfiddich Century Bar is the ONLY stand-alone room in the Southern hemisphere and is featured right here at their key outlet, Café La Plage.

This grand and opulent gentleman’s room, houses 300 years of the finest single malt Scotch Whisky. We invite you to experience the “Perfect Serve” with qualified Ambassadors who run these exquisite tastings all year round.

Tanqueray Gin garden

Overlooking palm trees and the warm Indian Ocean, a piece of paradise is found in Café La Plage’s latest milestone…
The Tanqueray Premium Gin Garden.
A chic, quintessential, French-styled
garden-setting, complete with an impressive Tanqueray Bar dripping with foliage, and a quirky swing overlooking the ocean is the perfect location for your Instagram posts, any day of the week!

If “Daytime Drinking” and cocktails at sunset is your thing, then unwind and reconnect with friends at the Tanquery No.10 Premium Gin Garden, and find YOUR piece of paradise.

The Door

This splendid piece of art, inspired by the Versace brand and designed by the incomparable Chef Raw, is a handcrafted French oak-layered swivel door that will make you look again, and is currently, undeniably THE most iconic backdrop in the KZN hospitality industry!

Featured in most Instagram posts by our lovely patrons local and abroad, the expression of Chef Raw’s creative skill, together with local fabricators, makes this grand artifact nothing short of spectacular!

A truly grand and noble design, this door has turned heads and raised many an eyebrow since conception in 2019, with its turn-of-the-century luxe.